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Past (Alumni) Rings

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Past (Alumni) Rings

Memories. Traditions. Pride. The Virginia Tech class ring embodies and invokes these aspects and unites Hokies young and old. The tradition began in the 1911-1912 school session when four classes (1911-1914) designed their rings. The 100-year celebration of the class ring occurred in 2009 with the 2011 class ring. Since the beginning, each Virginia Tech class has designed a ring distinctive and unique to their class. Today, Virginia Tech is one of only a few colleges and universities that redesign their ring collection each year.

View our gallery of rings from 1911 to today!

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Classes of 1911-1919

Pricing reflected in these past online brochures is no longer valid. For information about repair, resizing, or purchase of past Virginia Tech rings, please visit "Ring Service for Alumni" or contact us.













Ring Repair, Resizing, Replacing, and Post-Graduation Purchasing

As a Virginia Tech alumnus/a, if you need to purchase, replace, or have your class ring repaired or resized, please submit a Class Ring Authorization Form or fax to 540-231-3039. Learn more here.