Old Guard Society of Golden Alumni

Make plans to return May 16-18, 2018 for our Old Guard Reunion. The reunion is for all alumni who graduated in 1967 and earlier.

Old Guard 2017 Highlights Video

The Old Guard, organized in 1967, accepts into membership each year the members of the class graduating 50 years earlier. The need for the formation of The Old Guard was pointed out by P. B. Earle, Class of 1901. He proposed that there be formed among alumni a group that would provide a means for continuing contact, reunions, and fellowship for members of classes that could no longer maintain class activities. This would allow the members of each class to visit with other classes before and after their own. 

The Alumni Association agreed and created The Old Guard. J. Ambler Johnston, Class of 1904, and one of Tech's most devoted sons, wrote the first constitution for the organization. He probably also suggested the name, though records are not clear on this point. Uncle Ambler, as he was affectionately known, was a student of military history and a noted scholar of the Civil War. He may, however, have reached back to 1804 for a name. Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary (2nd Ed.) gives one definition of old guard as "the Imperial Guard organized by Napoleon I in 1804," and another as "any old group of defenders of a cause."

Whatever the source of the name, The Old Guard of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association is an organization of respected and revered alumni. The Old Guard offers you an opportunity to continue friendships and to participate in alumni activities even when you no longer gather for individual class reunions. An Old Guard Reunion is held each spring on campus.

All Virginia Tech alumni who have achieved the 50th anniversary of their graduation are entitled to membership in The Old Guard of Virginia Tech.

Those who attend their 50th Anniversary Reunion are presented with a certificate signifying inclusion and inducted with the following oath:


"Having served Virginia Tech for 50 years, I do hereby declare my pledge of continued support to this great university as a member of The Old Guard."


Alumni who had to miss their 50th Anniversary Reunion are still members and welcome to join fellow Hokies in Old Guard activities and at the annual Old Guard Reunion.

There are no dues required of members of The Old Guard, nor any involuntary solicitations.

2017-2018 Old Guard Advisory Committee


Old Guard Advisory Committee Members

Dorothy Herndon '60 – President
David Lowe '63 - President-Elect
Buddy Russell '52 - Secretary

Advisory Board Members

Butch Aaron '61
Joe Barlow '50
Ray Carmines '51
Kendall Clay '66
Jim Flynn '64
Jim Johnson '60
Mary Virginia Jones '62
Bill Latham '55
Sam Lionberger '62
Jim Owen '49
T.O. Williams III '59

Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be The Old Guard of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association.

Article II - Purpose

The purpose of The Old Guard of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association shall be:

  • To provide an organization to sponsor annual reunions, opportunities for fellowship with fellow alumni, and means of continuing involvement with Virginia Tech and its Alumni Association;
  • To provide a route through which the members may express views, opinions, and suggestions to the Alumni Association, the Board of Directors and its Officers;
  • To provide a channel through which the members may express views and opinions to Virginia Tech's administration; and,
  • To provide a source of assistance and advice from alumni who have had years of involvement with Virginia Tech and experience in business, professions, politics, and public affairs.

Article III - Membership

The members shall be alumni of classes who have observed their 50th Anniversary Reunion. They shall be inducted into membership at the time of their 50th Anniversary Reunion.

Article IV - Officers

The officers of The Old Guard shall be a President, President-Elect, Vice President, and Secretary, with duties consistent with these offices, and an Advisory Board not to exceed 11 members, including the Immediate Past President and a representative from the newest class entering The Old Guard. The Officers and Board shall be elected each year at the annual meeting (reunion) by a majority of those present. The President, President-Elect, and Vice President shall be limited to a term of one year in their respective offices. The term of the immediate Past President as a member of the Advisory Board shall be only one year. This limitation shall not apply to the Secretary or to members of the Advisory Board other than the immediate Past President.

Article V - Committees

The President may appoint such committees as may be needed to assist in the furthering of the purposes of the organization.

Article VI - Dues and Fees

There shall be no dues required of members of The Old Guard, nor shall there be any involuntary solicitations made.

Article VII - Meetings

An annual meeting (reunion) shall be held at a time and place to be determined by The Old Guard Officers and the Alumni Office Staff. Time shall be allowed for the conduct of such business that needs to be transacted.

Article VIII - Staff Support

The officers will rely on the Alumni Office Staff for logistical support and for maintenance of such records as may be required.