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Cornerstone Moments

Cornerstone Alumni are sharing their memories from their time as students at Virginia Tech. Hear from them about special moments that will inspire Hokies of all generations. 

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Lu Merritt helps student athletes

Virginia Tech alumnus Lu Merritt '68 recalls his time as a student athlete and how it shaped his perspective upon returning to his alma mater to lead the Hokie Club. 

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Jane Lyle recalls her time as a student

Alumna Jane Lyle ’66 looks back on her time as a student at Virginia Tech

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Chip Cartwright looks back on his role

Alumnus Chip Cartwright looks back on defining his role in the U.S. Forest Service.

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Bill Lewis as the first Rhodes Scholar

Alumnus Bill Lewis reflects on being Virginia Tech's first Rhodes Scholar.

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Frank Beamer as a Hokies player

Legendary football coach Frank Beamer '69 recalls his time as a player for the Hokies.  

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Homer Hickam on the origins of Skipper

Author and former NASA engineer Homer Hickam ’64 shares how a football rivalry led to the creation of Skipper, the world’s biggest game cannon and a university tradition.

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Susan Ryan on growing up in college town

Susan Ryan '68 reflects on the magic of growing up in Blacksburg.

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Marguerite Harper Scott on how Virginia Tech shaped her

Alumna Marguerite Harper Scott '70 reflects on how Virginia Tech shaped her.