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Class Rings

Wear the Tradition

The class ring embodies and invokes memories, traditions, and pride that tie Hokies, young and old, together.

A Virginia Tech class ring


Hokie Gold Legacy Program

Bequeath or donate a class ring to be melted down or displayed.

Ring Service for Alumni

Purchase, replace, or have your class ring repaired or resized.

Past Rings

Take a look back at moments in Virginia Tech history, etched in stone.


A cadet brandishes a class ring.

The Ring Tradition

The tradition began in the 1911-1912 school session when four classes (1911-1914) designed their rings. The ring tradition celebrated 100 years with the 2011 ring. Since the beginning, each class has designed a ring unique to their own class. Today, Virginia Tech is one of only a few schools that redesigns their ring collection each year.

Close up image of the class ring.

The Ring Design

Virginia Tech introduces a new collection of designs for each class. Each year, the sophomore class selects a ring committee responsible for designing their class ring collection. Each collection includes certain elements: the screaming eagle, American flag, campus buildings, and an interlocking chain around the bezel.

A Hokie shows off her class ring.

How to Wear the Tradition


Current students should wear their rings so that the name Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and/or the honor point on the bezel faces the wearer.



Upon graduation, the ring is turned to face out to let the world know the wearer is a Hokie alum. Those who wear the ring proudly state to others, "I am a Hokie, a Virginia Tech graduate who understands the meaning of Ut Prosim (That I May Serve)."

The Ring Dance

The Ring Dance

A tradition dating from 1934 beginning with the Corps of Cadets, the Virginia Tech Ring Dance symbolizes the transition from junior to senior and the presentation of the highly anticipated class ring.

The Centennial Big Ring currently sits in Squires Hall.

Centennial Big Ring

This was gifted by the Class of 2011 to commemorate 100 years of the class ring tradition. The large cast bronze centennial ring is displayed in Squires Student Center.

Lost and Found Class Rings

If you have found a Virginia Tech Class Ring, please check for a name and/or social security number on the inside of the ring. Contact Eryn Peters at the Virginia Tech Alumni Association, or 540-231-4613. Give us the name, year and college, and any other identifying information on the class ring to help us find the owner.

If you have lost your Virginia Tech Class Ring, you may leave your name and contact number with Eryn Peters at or 540-231-4613.