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Hokies are interested to learn what’s new at Virginia Tech, especially how we are tackling the complex problems to help make communities stronger. HokieTalks are hour-long conversations that give Hokies an exciting insider look at current research that is making a difference. The talks are short and engaging, and attendees are encouraged to ask questions. 


You can check out our past HokieTalks online. These engaging lectures can be viewed on demand any time. 

“All three [Ut Prosim] presentations were enlightening. It is remarkable that the faculty, and their students, responded quickly, competently, and urgently to pressing national problems. Universities typically do not respond so fast. Clearly their work helped many individuals and communities. This selfless service is a prime example of Ut Prosim and makes all the Hokies very proud.” 

— Vinod Chachra on a recent HokieTalk featuring the university’s three Ut Prosim Scholars