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Hokies are interested to learn what’s new at Virginia Tech, especially how we are tackling the complex problems to help make communities stronger. HokieTalks are hour-long conversations that give Hokies an exciting insider look at current research that is making a difference. The talks are short and engaging, and attendees are encouraged to ask questions. 

Upcoming Talk: Oct. 16

Sesquicentennial HokieTalk: Expanding Knowledge


You can check out our past HokieTalks online. These engaging lectures can be viewed on demand any time. 

It is a great example of teamwork across disciplines to accomplish a broader purpose. As the pandemic passes someday, I would encourage you to continue this model of teamwork. It is a great example for students for when they go to their workplaces to not be in a silo in their own roles, so common with industry. Thank you and go Hokies.

— Mark Salyer on a recent HokieTalk about Virginia Tech's role in the pandemic