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Building Emotional Agility and Resilience in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty

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On Nov. 16, the DC Hokies and Manhattan Hokies joined together to present a webinar on resilience, hosted by leadership development expert Salima Hemani.

During these unprecedented times, we cannot underestimate how rapidly we have had to adapt to the "new normal" and how stressful that transition can be.

In this hour webinar, participants learned how they could become more mindful of their own emotional states, and become emotionally agile to better manage stress and change. By going through the process of identifying personal anchors and adjusting those anchors during times of crisis, participants learned techniques to improve self-awareness, productivity and overall emotional health.

About Salima Hemani

Hemani is the founder and president of SZH Consulting LLC, a boutique management consulting and executive coaching firm, specializing in the science and art of organizational effectiveness and leadership development.