Chapter Scholarship Program

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Chapter Scholarship Program

The Alumni Association strongly encourages active chapters to consider a scholarship program for area students
once the chapter has accomplished the basic objectives set forth by the Association. Scholarships not only provide
financial assistance to outstanding Virginia Tech students but provide a wonderful opportunity for chapter and university
publicity with exposure in the local community. The basic procedure in the scholarship process is as follows:

  1. Contact your chapter liaison to make certain your chapter has a scholarship account with the Virginia Tech Foundation. If one does not exist, ask your liaison to establish an account for your chapter scholarship fund.
  2. Plan and organize an annual event or project specifically designed as a scholarship fundraiser to raise scholarship support. You may also use chapter mailings, newsletters and other communications to encourage alumni in the chapter to contribute to the scholarship fund. Alumni may designate all or a portion of their gift to the Virginia Tech Annual Fund for a chapter scholarship. Scholarship gifts must not be deposited in the chapter treasury.
  3. Identify a scholarship chairperson and committee within the chapter to oversee the application and selection process.
  4. The Alumni Association office will work with you to develop a scholarship application (see example below) and will prompt you throughout the year with important deadlines. Our office will distribute your application to eligible high school students in your area; you will receive a list of the students who have been invited to apply. Scholarship applications will be submitted directly to your scholarship chairperson.
  5. The scholarship committee should then review the applications beginning in May and identify the recipient(s). Your committee may decide the best way to make this determination; for example, ranking based on established requirements or in-person interviews with finalists.
  6. In early May, the Alumni Association will send you the list of students in your chapter area who have accepted Virginia Tech's offer of admissions to confirm eligibility for the scholarship. Note that a student who receives a
    "full scholarship" from the university is not eligible for a chapter scholarship.
  7. After the selection is made, the committee should notify the recipient(s) no later than May 31. 
  8. During the spring or summer, the scholarship recipients should be recognized at an appropriate chapter event. It is also recommended that the scholarship award be presented to the student at high school graduation or awards ceremonies. Also, make sure local media are informed of the awards and recipients.
  9. By June 15, the chapter must communicate the name, address, high school, VT application number and scholarship
    amount for each recipient to the Alumni Association office (we will provide you with the appropriate form ahead of time). This information is vital to properly process the scholarship award with the university's Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Scholarship payments are made in two equal installments and are
    reflected on the student's fall and spring tuition statements.
  10. Also by June 15, the chapter scholarship fund account in the Foundation must have a balance equal to or greater than the total amount of scholarships awarded for the upcoming academic year. Attention, chapter treasurers! Checks should be made out to the Virginia Tech Foundation and mailed to the Virginia Tech Alumni Association.

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Scholarship Timeline

Note that specific dates may change from year to year, but please use this timeline as a guide.

September - January

Chapters may inform local high schools of available scholarships and advertise application opportunity through chapter website and other marketing media.

November 1

Early Decision application deadline to Admissions

November 10

Deadline for chapters to return scholarship applications and cover letters to the Alumni Association (copies of previous year's application will be sent in October for updates)

December 15

Students notified of Early Decision admission

January 15

Deadline for students to reply to Admissions regarding Early Decision acceptance

January 15

Regular decision application deadline to Admissions

January 25

Scholarship applications emailed to qualified students by Alumni Association. Chapter will receive list of students who received the invitation to apply. 

April 1

Students notified of regular decision admission

April 15

Scholarship applications emailed to qualified students by Alumni Association. Chapter will receive list of students who received the invitation to apply.

May 1

Deadline for students to reply to Admissions regarding regular decision acceptance

May 15

Chapter will receive list of students in their chapter area who have accepted the offer of admission to Virginia Tech

May 1 - 31

Chapters receive scholarship applications from incoming freshmen in their chapter area

June 1 - 15

Chapters meet to select scholarship recipients and determine award amounts

June 15

Deadline for students' names, address, high school, VT application number, and scholarship award amounts to be communicated to Alumni Association office

June 15

Deadline for funds for the academic year to be on deposit to Alumni Association office. The balance must equal the amount of scholarships awarded for the entire year. Scholarship amounts will be credited on student tuition accounts during the summer.

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Support for Chapter Scholarships

Chapters should plan at least one event each year that is publicized as their chapter scholarship fund raiser. This
event and its focus as a scholarship fundraiser should be publicized all year, and mentioned on all chapter communications.

The scholarship fundraising event should be planned by special committees set up just for the event:

  1. Publicity-direct mail, telephone network, newspaper and radio
  2. Event Site-logistics concerning facilities, parking, security
  3. Food and Refreshments-arrangements for catering and serving food and beverages
  4. Ticket Sales-distributing tickets to chapter members to sell, filling ticket orders
  5. Program and Entertainment-coordinating program and entertainment, assigning specific duties to volunteers

Major Events

Chapters that sponsor major events intended to attract large audiences need extra time for planning and publicity
(e.g., Golf Tournament, Virginia Tech Day, Spring Fling, Chili Fest, Holiday Dance, Oyster Roast.)

Individual Gifts from Alumni

Alumni who wish to designate all or a portion of their gift to a chapter scholarship may do so through the Virginia Tech Foundation, using a standard gift form or donating online. Checks should be made payable to "Virginia Tech Foundation." 


Scholarship contributions given to a chapter representative must be forwarded to the Alumni Association office to be deposited with the Virginia Tech Foundation. The gift will be credited on the individual's gift record and acknowledged by the university. 

Forward individual scholarship contributions to: Virginia Tech Alumni Association, ATTN: Scholarships, 901 Prices Fork Road, Holtzman Alumni Center (0102), Blacksburg, VA 24061. Indicate the chapter
scholarship name on the memo of the check. 

Scholarship contributions deposited into local chapter checking accounts do not qualify for tax deductions or receive acknowledgement from the university.

Scholarship Fundraising

Money for scholarships should be in the bank prior to awarding scholarships. Chapters should not award scholarship awards based on political fundraising initiatives. New initiatives for chapter fundraising are to be reviewed with your chapter liaison.

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Sample Scholarship Letter and Application

Many chapters follow a similar format for their scholarship information letter and application, but you are not required to do so. A chapter may use their own requirements and format with approval from their chapter liaison.

Sample Scholarship Information Letter (PDF)

Sample Scholarship Application (PDF)

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