Virginia Tech Alumni Association
Holtzman Alumni Center (0102)
901 Prices Fork Road
Blacksburg, VA 24061
540-231-6285 | 540-231-3039 (fax)

Holtzman Alumni Center hours:
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
(and selected hours on football game weekends and special events).

Alumni Association Staff

Unless otherwise noted, staff may be contacted through the Holtzman Alumni Center address and phone number listed above.

Title Phone Building and Postal Code
Matthew M. Winston Jr.
Sr. Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations 540-231-8677 University Gateway Center (0102)
Lynn Blevins
Director of Alumni Relations for the College of Veterinary Medicine 540-231-5809 205 Duckpond Drive (0442)
Denise Crawford
Communications Coordinator 540-231-2536 University Gateway Center (0102)
Sharon Croy
Alumni Records 540-231-8905 Holtzman Alumni Center (0304)
Deborah A. Day
Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations 540-231-7999 University Gateway Center (0102)
Greg Fansler
Senior Associate Director for Alumni Relations 540-231-8902 University Gateway Center (0102)
Shirley Fleet
Executive Secretary Senior 540-231-6286 University Gateway Center (0102)
Andrew Foiles
Assistant Director of Chapter Programs 540-231-8903 University Gateway Center (0102)
Ciji Good
Director of Special Events 540-231-7713 University Gateway Center (0102)
Shaun Grahe
Director of Student and Young Alumni Engagement 540-231-3214 University Gateway Center (0102)
Bonnie Gilbert
Director of Alumni Relations for the Pamplin College of Business 540-231-9551 1033 Pamplin Hall (0209)
Sue Greco
Assistant Director, Reunion Giving 540-231-2880 University Gateway Center (0102)
Carol Green
Reunions and Events Registrar 540-231-8907 University Gateway Center (0102)
Kathleen Green
Special Events Coordinator 540-231-4853 University Gateway Center (0102)
Gwen Harrington
Director of Alumni Relations for Career Resources, Sponsorships & Travel 540-231-9401 University Gateway Center (0102)
Jack Hutcheson
Director of National Capital Region Alumni Programs 571-858-3252 National Capital Region, 900 N. Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22203
Crystal Jefferson
Director of Engagement for the Pamplin College of Business 540-231-8765 Pamplin College of Business (0122)
Katie Lafon
Director of Alumni Relations for the College of Science 540-231-8706 300 Turner St. Suite 4300
Colonel Patience Larkin
Director of Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Alumni 540-231-9369 141 Lane Hall (0213)
Cathy Lally
Assistant to the Sr. Associate Vice President 540-231-4009 University Gateway Center (0102)
Jamie Lucero
Director of Alumni Relations for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 540-231-9666 (office), 540-382-3826 (cell) 216 Hutcheson Hall (0402)
Gilda Machin-Scarpaci
Special Events Coordinator 540-231-6287 University Gateway Center (0102)
Kelly L. McCann
Assistant Director of Special Events 540-231-0062 University Gateway Center (0102)
Annie McCallum
Director of Communications for Alumni Relations 540-231-6845 University Gateway Center (0336)
Jordan McCauley
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations 540-231-1171 University Gateway Center (0102)
Katie Marquis
Associate Director of Alumni Engagement 540-231-6343 University Gateway Center (0102)
Heather Miller
Special Events Coordinator 540-231-3720 University Gateway Center (0102)
Angela Mills
Director of Alumni Relations for the College of Engineering 540-231-5753 460 Turner St. Suite 306 (0259)
Lynne Pearo-Baker
Director of Alumni Relations for the Virginia Tech Carilion Institute 540-581-0277 2 Riverside Circle, Roanoke
Virginia "Ginny" Ritenour
Director of Chapter Programs
540-231-8910 University Gateway Center (0102)
Kelsey Rosenbaum
Student Programs Coordinator 540-231-6285 University Gateway Center (0102)
Robyn Stuart
Special Events Coordinator 540-231-9140 University Gateway Center (0102)
Justina Sumpter
Director of Alumni Relations for the College of Architecture and Urban Studies
540-231-1486 Cowgill Hall (0205)
Glen van der Molen
Assistant Director for Reunion Programs 540-231-1194 University Gateway Center (0102)
Latanya Walker
Director of Alumni Relations for Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement 540-231-8970 University Gateway Center (0102)
Bobbie Webster
Assistant Director for Family and Alumni Relations 540-231-3792 Squires Student Center (0510)
Laura Wedin
Student Programs Director 540-231-4613 University Gateway Center (0102)
Jay Whitlow
Event Coordinator/Building Manager 540-231-2141 Holtzman Alumni Center (0304)
Corrine Woods
Director of Alumni Relations for the College of Natural Resources and Environment 540-231-5484 Cheatham Hall (0324)
Sandra M. Worley
Alumni Receptionist 540-231-6285 Holtzman Alumni Center (0304)