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Pregame HokieTalks (Nov. 3)

Nina Stark

9:30-10:30 a.m. 
Assembly Hall at the Holtzman Alumni Center

Associate Professor Robert Weiss, Associate Professor Sarah Karpanty, and Assistant Professor Nina Stark will speak.

Karpanty's talk is titled "Sea levels are rising — but nature-based solutions can protect people and wildlife." 

With sea levels rising in places like Virginia, Weiss and Karpanty will explore examples of nature-based solutions such as oyster reefs, seaside habitat restoration, and others. They will also examine how these solutions can benefit wildlife and people and what we might expect in the future.

Stark, who works in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, will give a talk called "From sand castles to sea mines - Investigating soil behavior in the coastal zone."

She will explore how geotechnical engineering in coastal environments has recently come to the forefront in response to coastal erosion, impacts of extreme events, sea level rise, as well as naval applications such as beach trafficability and detection and monitoring of unexploded ordnances.

Stark will provide a brief insight into field investigations of soil behavior in coastal environments with regards to coastal erosion and sediment stability, with examples stretching from the Arctic over the mid-Atlantic coast to Texas during Hurricane Harvey.