Every gift makes an impact

Celebrate your golden anniversary by supporting your alma mater.

Current totals are updated weekly, and goals are calculated from giving between July 1, 2018 to Oct. 17, 2019. *Updated Oct. 16

Reunion goals and progress

Donor Goal
469 (30 percent)

Current Donors
469 (30 percent) *

Reunion Giving Goal

Current Reunion Giving
$3,278,067 *

The reunion giving goal impacts your class gift that will be announced at your reunion banquet on Oct. 18. Your class gift is the total amount contributed since your 45th anniversary.

Giving to Beyond Boundaries

Beyond Boundaries Scholarships are matching scholarships from the university, which doubles gift credit. The Reunion Steering Committee encourages ’69 classmates to consider this important initiative in honor of the 50th anniversary. Make your Beyond Boundary Scholarship commitment by June 15 to ensure your scholarship recipient(s) are invited to our reunion.