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Sign up: Audit Rotation Program and Internship (ARP)

Audit associates find gaps in our existing processes to strengthen the company. This is our internal audit function. Roles and responsibilities typically include:

  • Seeking to understand business strategy, processes, technology, and risks 
  • Evaluating if management’s controls adequately protect the enterprise
  • Collaborating with peers to brainstorm recommendations to dimension and remediate gaps
  • Meeting with Internal Audit and business area leadership to review results of test work

Sign up: Finance Rotation Program and Internship (FRP)

FRP Associates manage Capital One’s finances and provide analysis and reporting. Roles focus on strategy development, business execution, and financial management in corporate Finance and Accounting:

  • Corporate Finance
    • Analyze consumer and commercial banking metrics and performance
    • Prepare financial forecasts in support of evolving product and strategy decisions
    • Develop reporting and analysis to provide insight into business trends
  • Accounting
    • Participate in the external financial reporting process, including the quarterly earnings release and securitization trust reporting
    • Prepare accurate and timely management, regulatory and U.S. GAAP basis reports, schedules and documentation
    • Perform financial and operational audits, testing controls and identifying efficiencies

Sign up: Technology Development Program and Internship (TDP)

TDP associates are provided with the support and resources needed to further develop their technical skills and gain a well-rounded understanding of technology. Roles and responsibilities include writing and developing code, creating software, and building products. 

The TDP has two distinct tracks:

  • Software Engineer: Mobile (native), Web, or API Development using variety of languages: Java/Spring, .Net, JavaScript, AngularJS, Python, Go and Swift in the cloud and on devices
  • Data Engineer: developing data products and services, enable rich enable rich visualization, data exploratory, and machine learning capabilities. Use open source technologies (Hadoop/MapReduce, Spark, Kafka, Pig, Python, NoSQL databases, etc.) and deploy applications in the cloud (AWS, Azure)

Sign up: Management Rotation Program and Internship (MRP)

MRP Associates specialize in delivering complex, cross-functional initiatives that drive the business forward (delivery management). MRP Associates will have an opportunity to experience roles within one of these four tracks:

  • Scrum Master – responsible for coaching agile teams through agile ceremonies and scrum process
  • Project Manager – Assist in the definition of project scope and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility
  • Process Manager – Executing, improving, and monitoring key business processes through the Enterprise
  • Risk Manager – Negotiates optimal solutions to achieve business objectives and lunch efforts in ways that are operationally sound

Sign up: Data Science/Data Analytics

Data Analysts solve complex data problems that enable insights into customer behavior and operational performance. This role is at the intersection between business strategy and technology.  Roles and responsibilities may include:

  • Deploying data, processes and applications in the Cloud to harness open source technologies and platforms
  • Using data mining techniques to identify fraud rings
  • Testing the effectiveness of our marketing channels
  • Building the data foundation for Capital One’s digital agenda
  • Optimizing bank ATM placement through advanced data exploration
  • Seamlessly integrating data from multiple sources and platforms to generate customer insight
  • Diving into new data sources to enhance models
  • Researching web activities to drive enhancements to customer engagement sites

Data Scientists (formally known as Statisticians) use business data and translate it into everyday language. Roles and responsibilities may include:

  • Evaluating open source and internally-developed modeling and analytics tools using real business data
  • Integrating internal data with external data sources and APIs to discover and implement actionable insights
  • Designing and crafting rich data visualizations to communicate stories to customers and company leadership

Sign Up: Undecided

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