Where do I park for the festival?

Free parking is available in the large commuter lot on West Campus Drive. The main festival entrance is across from this lot. Please be careful crossing the street and utilize the cross walks.

Will I be receiving tickets in the mail once I have registered online for the festival?

No. When you arrive at the festival, proceed to the line marked “VIP or purchased online”. Once in the correct line, you will provide your last name to the volunteer working and they will have you on a master list.

Are dogs allowed at the festival?

Yes, we allow well-behaved dogs at the festival. All dogs must remain on a leash at all times.

Can I bring my own chair or small tent to the festival?

Yes, you can bring a lawn chair to the festival. There is a large grass area near the main stage that is perfect for sitting and viewing one of our bands.

We are also allowing small tents to be setup for guests to avoid the sun. However, you will need to keep other guests in mind and keep tents on the outer edge of the grassy area so the view of the stage isn't blocked for other guests.

Alumni personnel reserve the right to ask you to move your tent if it is impacting the view of other guests.

When will pre-sales end online?

Pre-registration will be open until noon on Thursday, June 20. Pre-registration will close at that time to prepare our lists for the festival.

After online sales conclude, tickets will be available at the festival for $35 per person.