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Hokie alumni, share your time and talent with our undergraduate students by signing up to mentor. Mentoring creates meaningful, long-term connections between multiple generations of Hokies. It inspires the future workforce through individual or group career exploration and networking.  

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Hokie Mentorship Connect is an online platform that connects Virginia Tech undergraduate students with alumni for career-related support. The program promotes fellowship and networking for career development purposes. Through Hokie Mentorship Connect, alumni and students can form open lines of communication and meaningful long-term relationships.

For Mentee

  • Obtain inside information from a professional about a career field, industry, or a specific company.
  • Ask questions and gain insight about marketing themselves for a job or internship.
  • Gain professional skills development and networking opportunities.
  • Access a professional network to prepare to enter the workforce.

For Mentor

  • Gain coaching, mentoring, leadership, and management skills.
  • Grow a lasting career network.
  • Learn about diversity of thought, style, personality, and culture.
  • Share valuable professional experiences and information.
  • Access to feedback from students on curriculum needs.

There are three ways to participate on the platform.

  • Structured Mentorship: A six month commitment allowing mentors and mentees to build a relationship focused on the completion of specific career goals. The goals are aimed at helping students explore careers and gain professional development opportunities. 
  • Flash Mentorship: Provides opportunities to network, have informal interviews, and pick the brains of industry experts at any time.
  • Discussion Board Groups: Formed career/industry focused discussion boards. Group members can ask questions, view comments, and actively engage with other users based on similar affiliation or career related interests.

There are three ways to participate in Hokie Mentorship Connect: the structured program, flash mentorship, and/or discussion boards.   

Time commitments vary based on how you choose to participate.

  • The Structured Mentorship Program requires a six month commitment. Participants must agree to at least two communications per month for at least one hour each.
  • The Flash Mentorship and Discussion Boards are more flexible options. You are in control of how many times you wish to interact and for how long with no structured commitments.

We ask that you be yourself. Help students identify their interests and define their own goals. You can discuss your experiences and career journey. Serve as a resource for your mentees by answering their questions. Be sure you communicate regularly and stay committed to the program.

The platform makes connection recommendations to the student based on mentor profiles. A student can view the profiles of mentors that have opted in to participate and reach out to request a mentor. The program is driven by the student so they must make the initial contact.

Some of the match fields include:

  • Fields of career experience.
  • Special interest group (First Gen, Corps of Cadets, Veteran, etc.).
  • Academic major.
  • Academic minor.
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Professional memberships.

Both parties must be prepared to engage in a professional relationship where they are willing to listen, learn, and take initiative. Mentors will have the ability to select how many mentees they would like to mentor at any given time.

No, the system allows you to determine how many communications you want to receive from students. You can also determine how many mentees you are willing to accept. You choose what program components you want to participate in (i.e. structured mentoring, flash mentoring, discussion boards). No matter your time limitations there's a way for you to participate in the program.


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