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A Dynamic Alumni Association Serving Virginia Tech

The Virginia Tech Alumni Association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that was founded in the third year of the early VAMC college's history. The first alumni received three-year certificates in 1875. Later baccalaureate degrees were awarded. The association was completely volunteer-led until 1926, when an alumni secretary was appointed as its first full-time staff member. From the early tradition of volunteer participation by alumni, the association today engages hundreds of volunteers in service to the university and alumni through many avenues of programming and service. An Alumni Board of Directors of 30 lay-members serve in an advisory capacity to the university's alumni relations programs. The board provides valuable advice and support to an Alumni Relations staff and many program areas that serve and engage alumni.

An updated strategic plan was adopted by the Alumni Board of Directors in 2013 that emphasizes the commitment of the Alumni Association to serve and involve alumni in the life of the university. Through this involvement, Virginia Tech will continue to grow stronger and better serve its students and the greater society it attempts to serve. With alumni invested in the university's missions of learning, discovery, and engagement, Virginia Tech's light will shine even more brightly in the years to come.

The Alumni Board's strategic plan outlines the association's mission and purpose, its vision, its principles and core values, and its strategic directions. Each of these statements embodies the belief that alumni are a key component in the continued success of the university as a leading institution of higher education that they helped shape.

Mission and Purpose

The Virginia Tech Alumni Association is an independent, nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote the welfare of the university by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship between Virginia Tech and its growing worldwide community of alumni.

The Alumni Association provides and supports alumni programs and services, facilitates communication with alumni, and seeks to strengthen alumni bonds of fellowship, professional association, and university affiliation.

The Alumni Association leverages the resources, talents, and initiatives of alumni and friends to advise, guide, advocate for, and support the association and the university in achieving their respective missions and goals.

The Alumni Association provides an alumni network and encourages alumni engagement in the life of the university.

The Alumni Association coordinates activities for advancing the university’s academic, administrative, athletic, research, and outreach programs.

The Alumni Association encourages alumni to stay connected and serve as advocates for the university.


The Virginia Tech Alumni Association aspires to be a primary linkage between the university and its family of alumni across the globe, to commit them to the university’s missions of lifelong learning, discovery and engagement, and to attract them to university service.

Our Principles and Core Values

The cornerstone of our core values is found in the university motto, Ut Prosim (That I May Serve.)

We affirm the value of human diversity and the enrichment it brings to our lives and acknowledge our differences, rejecting all forms of prejudice and discrimination.

We value integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior and strive to maintain a working environment that is built on mutual respect, understanding, and freedom of expression.

We share the university’s commitment to lifelong learning, discovery, and engagement.

We value fellowship, personal growth and development, and the concept of community: local, regional, and global.

We value civility, sportsmanship, and good behavior in our support of all athletic programs of the university while demonstrating a high degree of respect for our opponents.

Strategic Directions

Brand the Alumni Association as an organization responsive to the needs of alumni relative to their careers, desire for lifelong learning and engagement, social interactions, and willingness to provide volunteer service and/or support to strengthen and advance the university.

Continually assess the interests and needs of alumni on the basis of their multiple affinities with the university in order to better understand and serve the dynamic, diverse, and multifaceted community of Virginia Tech alumni.

Leverage, where possible, the experience, capability, and dedication of all alumni to the benefit of the university and the Alumni Association.

Provide core programs such as homecomings, alumni chapters, class and constituency reunions, periodic informational publications, Alumni Directory and records maintenance, community service, and other fundamental services that engage alumni with the university.

Continually enrich the relationship with alumni chapter organizations through strong support of their volunteer leadership and new program development in order to maintain the long-term health and viability of the chapter network.

Maintain an effective Alumni Association Board of Directors by continually infusing interested and dynamic alumni leadership that provides professional experience, creative thinking, open-mindedness, and diverse personal and cultural backgrounds for the benefit of the Alumni Association and the university.

Develop informational materials, training, resources, or other support that attracts volunteer participation in alumni advisory and emerging constituency groups within the university, and those who help attract prospective students or provide employment opportunities to graduates.

Provide an effective marketing/branding program that will create interest and engage greater numbers of alumni in both on- and off-campus programs, including but not limited to electronic communications, printed publications, direct mail, market research, and other means of mass communications deemed useful.

Maintain strong relationships with the staffs of Admissions and Scholarships and Financial Aid to encourage student applications and provide financial assistance through alumni chapters and endowed scholarship programs.

Maintain strong relationships with academic units in order to fully understand their current and future needs and interests to best provide program support for these constituency groups.

Maintain strong relationships with the university’s senior management and administrative units to continually be aware of the short- and long-term goals and needs of the university.

Encourage alumni advocacy for support of higher education by state and federal officials, facilitating direct contact with elected and appointed officials whenever appropriate.

Provide a broad array of partnered or outsourced services that meet the diverse intellectual, social, and professional needs of the alumni community, including but not limited to career resources, financial and insurance services, directories, tours, licensed gift items, jewelry, and merchandise.

Recognize alumni, faculty, and students for their service, achievements and professional excellence in order to honor and showcase them within the university family.

Strengthen and broaden opportunities for students to affiliate with the Alumni Association through the Student Alumni Associates and Class Officer programs in order to build awareness and commitment to the mission and goals of the association.

Develop, maintain, and continually renew the financial resources necessary to sustain the engagement of alumni in the life of the university to the benefit of the university.

Utilize the alumni center, conference center, and hotel complex to the fullest extent to attract and serve alumni who return to the campus for specific programs or informal visits.

Measure, evaluate, or otherwise attempt to assess the effectiveness of each strategic initiative to determine what benefit may be afforded both the Alumni Association and its membership.