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Columbarium - Holtzman

Many campuses have a columbarium where alumni and others from an extended university family may choose to be interred on the campus. An attractive facility of this nature has been constructed on the grounds adjacent to Virginia Tech’s alumni center, along a grassy knoll in view of the Duck Pond. Each Hokie Stone structure houses 60 niches that may be purchased for individual or couple interments. Each niche is covered with a maroon granite face, on which names will be engraved and filled with gold lettering. 

There is a walkway leading to a terrace area behind the columbarium. Beyond its current capacity, the area is designed to accommodate an expansion of additional niches, with future walls built bordering the terrace.

A columbarium niche may be procured for $5,000 with checks made payable to the Virginia Tech Foundation. For more information regarding the Virginia Tech columbarium, please review the related links below. 

All of our niches are currently sold. We are in the planning stages to build a new wall though and interested parties can be added to the waiting list. 

If you have additional questions or wish to be added to the waiting list, please inquire with the Alumni Association. Jay Whitlow can answer specific questions and provide a tour if desired. His phone is 540-231-2141, or email him at

Columbarium - Ut Prosim