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Since purchasing a class ring, my graduation year has changed. Can I have the date changed on my ring?

Unfortunately, no. Class Rings are specific to class year. If you would like your ring to reflect your class year, you must buy a ring from that collection. Virginia Tech Class Ring warranties include a provision that allows return of a Class Ring for a refund, less class dues, if the student will not graduate from the year which the Class Ring was ordered for purchase.

The stone in my ring has fallen out. How do I get it repaired? How much will it cost?

If you are a student, contact the ring company regarding the repair of your ring. There will not be a charge. If you are an alum, you must contact the Alumni Association for authorization and more information on how to contact your ring company. More information.

Since I've graduated, my Class Ring has gotten too tight. My local jeweler says they are not allowed to resize Virginia Tech Class Rings. How do I get my ring resized?

You must contact the Alumni Association for authorization and more information on how to contact your ring manufacturer to get your ring resized. More information.

I am a graduate student and want my degree "EDD" on the traditional Class Ring but the Ring company says they cannot do that.

The Ring company is correct. The traditional Class Ring does not designate a degree, only the college. The signet style rings, however, do allow for customizing with degree names.

I am a parent of a Virginia Tech junior and want to purchase a Class Ring for my child. The Ring company says they are not allowed to deliver the ring until next March. Since I want to present the ring to my child as a Christmas gift, what should I do?

It is tradition at Virginia Tech that the Class Ring be officially presented to the Junior Class in the spring of their Junior year at Ring Dance. Students do not need to attend Ring Dance to receive their rings, however, by tradition and contract, rings are not released to students until the week of Ring Dance. We suggest you present a card or ring box as the Christmas gift presentation.

I saw a ring in another year's collection that I prefer over my Class's collection. Why can't I purchase the other year and have the year changed?

In a time-honored tradition, the Virginia Tech Ring Collection is redesigned each year and is specifically for that Class year. Ring companies, by contract, are not allowed to change the Class year on any Virginia Tech ring, nor do repair or replacement of a Class ring without approval from the Alumni Association.